CCTV (Surveillance)

MultiVision Technology will meet all your IT and security needs.

We do rentals as well , we offer in-house financing 1 year to 6 years (rent to own) on all security and IT products and installations.

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Our compact design and integrated systems provide our customers with innovative solutions, ensuring that our products give you precise and dependable performance.

We have successfully installed internet protocol, megapixel cameras on trawlers for remote and monitoring purposes, a field of expertise we mastered so that cruise ships and similar vessels may benefit from this highly technical application.

  • CCTV/IP systems
  • Free site assessments
  • CCTV sales; installation and maintenance
  • CCTV surveillance control rooms build to specifications
  • Intruder/Alarm detection systems, including pepper gas systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • CCTV surveillance control rooms build to specifications
  • Site risk assessments
  • Electrified Fencing
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Free on-site risk assessments

Other Surveilance Services

Access control plays a major role in ensuring the safety of employees and company property. We offer a range of local and international products for access monitoring that have been tested and are currently functioning effectively on many sites. In additional to access control systems, we offer gate/garage automation and intercom systems. Intruder detection systems are increasingly in demand, for which we provide the leading brands in South Africa. We integrate all of the above with electric fencing and other preventative systems. In case of power emergencies we provide generators of solar power options that will allow your surveillance systems to continue to function.