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GX32 Fire Alarm System


The GX32 fire alarm system is the most advanced of its type available. It uses PIC microprocessor technology in both the control panel and in each call point.

The GX32 is designed in such a way that even if the cables are cut or short circuited in several places the system will continue to function. Each call point is individually battery powered and contains its own high power piezo sounder. A unique trace mode enables cable faults and battery problems to be pinpointed at the throw of a key.
Installation Considerations.
BS5839 recommends that manual call points should be located on exit routes and in particular on floor landings of stairways and at exits to the open air. They should be so located that, to give an alarm, no person in the premises need travel more than 30 metres.
BS5839 recommends a minimum sound level of either 65db(A) or 5db(A) above any other noise likely to persist for longer than 30 seconds should be produced by the sounders in all accessible parts of the building.
GX32 system sounders give a sound level of at least 100db(A) at 1 metre to ensure that almost 70db(A) is available at 30m distance to meet the above dual recommendations. GEMINI fire alarms are the ideal choice for fire alarms in small buildings and temporary accommodation etc... Up to 32 Callpoint/Sounder units can be connected to the control

Integral Call Point, Battery and Sounder
Battery Fault Monitor
Keyswitch to Silence & Restart Alarm
Twin LED Fire Indication
LED Fault Indication
Simple to install
System Healthy LED
Smoke Alarm Option
Robust Construction
Fault Trace Facility
Two wire connection

Supplied with

1 x GX32CIE Control Panel
4 x GX32MCP Manual Callpoint/Sounder units
140m Twin red inter-connecting cable.

Stand Alone Fire Alarms

Battery Operated

A comprehensive range of battery operated smoke alarms all carrying the BS Kitemark and compliance with BS5446:Pt1:1990. They are suitable for BS5839:Pt6:1995 Fire Systems grade F.

Mains Powered Interconnectable

All new properties are required by the Building Regulations to have installed mains powered smoke alarms. Refurbished properties and small commercial premises may also be required to install mains operated alarms.
BS5839:Pt.6:1995 acknowledges that all three types of detection i.e. ionisation, optical and heat detection, need to be considered depending on the installation circumstances. It is also recommended that some form of back-up is used in the event of mains failure.
Optical alarms are recommended for use in circulation spaces such as landings and hallways. Ionisation alarms are more appropriate for use in living rooms and fixed temperature heat alarms are designed for use in kitchens and garages. All alarms must be interconnected using 3 core and earth cable.

At least one alarm on each floor of the house
Max. 7.5m between alarms and no more than 3m from bedroom doors
Alarms can be wired off lighting circuits if the alarm has its own backup supply
Locate as close as possible to centre of ceiling, away from light fitting
Alarms must be kept clean at all times and particularly whilst building work or decoration is in progress

Mains Operated

Suitable for new buildings to allow conformity to building regulations. Each unit features an 85dB at 3m internal alarm and interconection facility which allow the sensing unit to trigger up to 11 other detectors, for added safety and particularly when one unit might not be heard in a large building or from behind closed doors.
The unit causing the alarm also has an indicator to show the source. Each unit has a green continuous LED to indicate mains present.
These products can also be fitted using the surface mounting kits. A relay output option is also available to allow for triggering of remote indicators or other communication/alarm systems. All units are supplied complete with instructions.
290-3816 = 12V Operating Voltage with Relay Output.


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