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Solo Smoke/Heat Detector Test Kit 9m


Smoke & Heat Detector Test & Removal Kit. Test and maintenance kit for engineers looking to test, remove and replace smoke and heat detectors mounted at heights of up to 9.3 metres.

Kit includes: Smoke Dispenser, Cordless Heat Detector Tester, Detector Removal Tool, Solo 100 Access Pole, 3 x Solo 101 Extension Pole, Battery Batons, Battery Charger and Protective Storage Bag The Solo 823 allows safe, effective testing and removing of smoke and heat detectors of up to 9 meters high

  • Solo 330 Aerosol Dispenser
  • Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester
  • Solo 100 Access Pole
  • 3 x Solo 101 Extension Pole
  • Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool
  • Solo 610 Storage Bag
  • Provides access to detectors up to 9m

Detector Test and Maintenance: Test equipment must be proven to be safe for the engineer and the system, it needs to be cost-effective, versatile, portable, approved by detector manufacturers and in compliance with international codes and standards.


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