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Solo Smoke/Heat Detector Test Kit


Smoke & Heat Detector Test & Removal Kit. Test and maintenance kit for engineers looking to test, remove and replace smoke and heat detectors mounted at heights of up to 6 metres.

Kit includes: Smoke Dispenser, Cordless Heat Detector Tester, Detector Removal Tool, Solo 100 Access Pole, Battery Batons, Battery Charger and Protective Storage Bag. Designed to aid testing at height, the Solo 822 kit contains everything you need for safe removing and testing of both smoke and heat detectors. Supply Voltage of 110-230v AC.

Kit Contents

  • Solo 330 Aerosol Dispenser
  • Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester
  • Solo 100 Access Pole
  • Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool
  • Solo 610 Storage Bag
  • Provides access to detectors up to 6m

Detector Test and Maintenance

Test equipment must be proven to be safe for the engineer and the system, it needs to be cost-effective, versatile, portable, approved by detector manufacturers and in compliance with international codes and standards.


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